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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

.........Officially Missing You............

During these past five years, the world has suffered greatly. Right now, Americans are losing faith in their President and their government. The economy has been more than depressing, and the next generation's financial future is in limbo. Our troops are still fighting this war that seems to be turning into Vietnam. The religious right/Reich in this country are starting a pointless "War on Christmas", trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade, trying to cancel shows like Nip/Tuck instead of putting their time into fighting against real issues like poverty. America is going through one of its "growing pains" stages and it seem as if there is no end in sight.

In my young life, I cannot remember a time where there has been so much suffering during a presidency. I was too young to remember George Sr. but I haven't heard good things...although I'm not surprised. Clinton was by no means perfect, he had his follies. At least my parents were doing well financially and found good paying easily. We as a country were not in debt, abortion rates were down, and we weren't in a war. Most importantly, Americans and a whole as were not suffering as they are now. The survivors of Kartina and Rita did not deserve to lose everything that they've ever known, despite what that asshole Bill O'Reilly says. Being poor was not entirely their fault it was also the our government's.

As I reflect on these past five years, I kept help but think of those who have perished. I have not been personally affected, but I know those who have and my heart goes out to them. It all started with 9/11 which had the potential to be prevented but was not. I'm sorry to all the surviving family members and friends, you all have been through so much and I wish I could find the perfect words to console you. Your healthcare shouldn't have been cut, and your devastating loss should not be used by our president as his greatest triumph, it is not, as Al Franken would say, "His little black dress." Well now, it seems like that little number is wearing itself out and ripping at the seams. Osama is still out there and the American people have grown tired of it being mentioned by their leader. Please ignore neo-cons like Ann Coulter, none of us believe that you are cowardly, we admire your strength and adversity. We're just sorry that justice has not been served for your loved ones, hopefully we can change that in the new year.

Bali, Madrid, Iraq and England and any of the countries that have been directly attacked by terrorists, Americans truly did feel sympathy for all of you. Yes, there were some like Mann Coulter who didn't care but they were in the minority. Our President has not made the world a safer place and we apologize for letting him do so by electing him. There are other ways to remove dictators from power but sadly, our President only favors force. The world shouldn't have paid the price for America's mistake and for that we are greatly sorry.

Mother Nature lit a fire under our asses this year and we paid dearly for it. She made it perfectly clear that we need to deal with global warming immediately instead of ten years from now. Katrina, the tsunami, the earthquake in Pakistan and to a lesser extent, Rita, took many innocent lives or shattered some along the way. It's disappointing how America is one of the world's richest countries yet over a million Americans were/still are displaced while thousands died and others committed such heinous crimes in order to survive. Somehow CNN and Oprah got down there faster then our own government, and that is horribly embarrassing. Lives were lost and it could have been prevented. To those who have suffered, I'm apologetic but also optimistic because our government learned their lesson the hard way.

The War in Iraq has claimed thousands of lives but ruined many in the process. Never again will Cindy Sheehan and mothers like her hold their son or daughter. Fathers will not be able to see their daughters get married and have grandchildren or say, "You'll always be my little girl" ever again. Spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends can never kiss, make love, spoon, massage or comfort their beloveds. The parentless children out there will always wonder what their lives would have been like if their mother or father were alive to watch them grow up. Siblings will never be able to pointlessly argue, playfully wrestle, "borrow" each other's things or annoy the hell out of one another because their brother or sister are resting in peace. Newlyweds will never know how married life would have been like. The troops that had just became parents will never feel their sleeping child's heart beat against their chest ever again. And why? Greed seems to be the main reason that I've been hearing and I tend to agree with it. I also believe that W wanted to make his mark with his term and outdo his father. The cost of American lives that were going to be lost was not a factor for him. Why? Because no one close to him was going to actually set one foot on the battlefield.

Those who have perished because of this war, I do not condemn them. They died doing their job and following orders without being able to question the reasoning behind them. I don't know what to say without sounding cliche and insincere. I just know that your loved ones miss you and that the majority of Americans do empathize with them. There are loved and taken cared of, but they are also thinking of you and so are we.

If there is a heaven, I hope it looks like the picture that I have posted above. High above Earth, luminous and full of light. Oh and that Morgan Freeman is its ruler. Yes, I know that he is alive but I believe he is moonlighting and is caring after the deceased pretty damn well when he isn't making superb films, of course this assuming that God exists but that's for another time.

The light shinning through the dark clouds gives me hope. 2005 was the year of pain, loss and growth. 2006 will be a year of reflection, hope, rebuilding and healing.


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