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Saturday, December 03, 2005

......We are family..soon to be officially!............

Yesterday it was announced by Brad's publicist that he filed the adoption papers for Maddox and Zahara! WOOT, WOOT! It's time for the all skeptics and those living in denial to finally accept that Brad and Angelina are not just friends or fuck buddies as some have crudely suggested, they are legit! And no, they're not married but in California, unmarried couples can adopt, including gays. Gotta love America's bluest state!

Since he obviously has Angelina's consent, and well, is not Kevin Federline or Steve Irwin, the process should go off without a hitch. After the hearing, he can take a picture w/ Zahara, Maddox and the judge. That would be such a beautiful picture and I don't mind if it's kept private, some things are sacred. I just wish this is brief, and that soon after..we'll see an affectionate picture..I'm yearning for it. Hell, we all are!

This, at least to me, seems more soldifying than marriage because adoption is forever! So no matter what happens between Angelina and him (heaven forbid), he will always be their Papa Pitt. The Jolie-Pitts, America's hottest and most modern family!

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