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Sunday, October 23, 2005

.........One hat is enough for me.......

The American way of life is multi-tasking, so much that our stress levels are ridiculously high and a lot of us die because of it. If death isn't a result then we spend a considerable amount of time recovering from a mental breakdown or exhaustion. Yet, we never learn. And no, I'm not just talking about the working class or blue collar workers.

Has anyone else noticed most (if not all) of the actors and actresses on Disney are singers?! Quite frankly, only Raven Simone has true talent on the small screen and in the studio while the rest of her peers either depend heavily on studio magic (Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan) or are just..Mediocre. Then again, I completely understand why these young guns feel the need to become moguls instead of just being an, plain and simple. Can we blame them? We do live in a capitalist country. As long as their fans continue to make their parents spend their money, they will profit greatly.

Julia, Hugh Jackman, Christina Applegate and everyone else who has been on Broadway..we get it you're talented and fabulous! We love you on the big screen and honestly, we'd prefer it if you stayed there. What do you have to prove? You're one extraordinary performer. Now please, stop straining yourself, it's painful to watch. And Keanu, you and Shakespeare, do not mix! Hell, you two will and should never collaborate again!

It's not just not the actresses that are getting into this game. Look at the singers that add /actor to their resume. First, if your name isn't LL Cool J, Ice cube, Ludacris, Will Smith, Queen Latifah or Andre 3000 and you're a rapper/ hip-hop artist stay behind the MIC! And stop playing yourselves or a character loosely based on you! That's not showing range, versatility, or talent, it just means that you're too lazy and scared to take on a character that isn't YOU! Yes Eminem and 50 Cent, I'm talk about you! Oh and 50, no one wants to see you get shot 9 times unless it's really happening and it would be sweet if it were Fat Joe or Ja Rule. I kid, I kid, but honestly, that asshole needs a serious ass kicking.

Maybe this is "unamerican" of me to say, but one hat is good enough for me. And if I were a famous "IT" girl, I'd rather be a respected and excellent actress opposed to a "good" actress/mediocre singer/adequate clothing designer. My writing is what I'm dedicated to but I know if I try to put that kind of focus, dedication, and time into other activities that I simply "liked", I would falter as a writer. There is no fucking way I'm going to let happen.

Let's face, NO ONE can do it all and wear each hat equally well. One of the "hats" will take it's toll on the person. Look at J.Lo, she's an empire but her personal life sucks. Her acting and singing skills are..average. JJ Abrams is having the time of his life because of Lost, he's directing MI3 but Alias has suffered greatly because of it. There's also the fact that any television show that he creates starts out great but around the 3rd or 4th season it loses its steam, focus and well, turns to crap. Felicity got cancelled during season 5 and it looks as it Alias will end during it's 5th season too. The fact is, we all have to accept that there are certain things that we are not capable of doing well. And, if we continue to push ourselves to the edge by spending every waking moment constantly splitting out focus...we will suffer.


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