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Sunday, December 04, 2005

........From B to A......

To those of you who love this blog or love to hate it, you're probably wondering why there is a lack of Bennifer 2 hate, especially since their offspring came into the world this past week. Well, since BAMZ has formed, my attention has been mostly focused on them which is quite obvious actually. Does this mean that I'll completely abandon my Bennifer 2 hate entries...yes and no.

BAMZ is everything that Bennifer 2 isn't and I absolutely love it! They're beautiful inside and out, talented, successful, selfless, humanitarians, intelligent, classy, and not a curse on humanity and Hollywood. Unlike Bennifer 2, pictures or articles about this foursome do not incite anger or annoyance, just love and double awwws. In a nutshell, they bring out the positive side of me. And honestly, wasting all that angry energy is bad for my health and my complexion. So, I will no longer dedicate entire entries to Bennifer 2.

Now, just because I won't write entries doesn't mean that I will never mention them. Most likely, they'll get a blurb in my 10 Items or less entries. Will there be exceptions? Of course! If Ben happens to lets' say...partakes in an orgy in Vegas w/ dawrf transexual strippers while snorting crack off of them, my well-toned ass will sooo be on that story. That's like getting mad at a dog for eating a steak that you placed directly in fron it or being shocked when another of Paris Hilton's engagements gets called off. Hell, if Ben or even Jennifer fuckup, I'll be a guest star by dropping in doing my part and then head on out. Other than that, I'll be MIA.

So, I would like to take this time to thank those who have supported my Bennifer 2 hate along the way.

, you are every bennifer 2 haters dream! Girl, you are smart, witty, informative and refreshingly honest. You're not afraid to state the truth and to be hated because of it. You're an inspiration to us all! And I'll miss informing you about my anti-bennifer 2 entries. Although a small part of me wishes that something horribly grand (not fatal) would happen to our much loathed pair just so I can send you a lovely PM. Knowing them, that day seems inevitable.

Kendra, the passion that you have is unbelievable and to anyone who is weak, it could be overwhelming. Thankfully, I am not in the latter. If you, katy and myself came together, the pro-bennifer 2 folks wouldn't recover after dealing with us. I admire the fact that you still stuck w/ the show after I and many others like me, jumped ship after the premiere. You try to find the good and the beauty where people like myself cannot and for that, I tip my hat to you. I'm sorry that Bennifer 2 and ABC has done this to you. If I ever get the chance, I'll give them their comeuppance and it will be motherfucking grand. Please still love me for choosing BAMZ because I know how you were hating on Brad.

Emilie and Electric, although both of you were one time players, I appreciated your comments. You're both so fantabulous for showing great intelligence by choosing MV over BA, damn sexy I tell ya! lol I can never hate a girl for having great taste in men and in hating. Much love to you both, boos.

Much love,

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