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Friday, April 29, 2005

....................Five items or less......................

This is basically my rip-off of Best Week Ever's "Express lane" segment where they quickly talk about popculture news.

1. Vaughnalicious has accepted my Bennifer 2 bet and I am actually surprised that someone came forward. This will be quite interesting and I cannot wait to see who wins. I really hope that I do! And Bennifer 2 plan to have a secret wedding! Yeah, good luck with that because your friends already sold you out on your engagement and I cannot wait when they start singing like a canary to the tabloids when you two start planning the wedding!!!

2. When it comes to engagement rings, does size really matter?? We all know about the pink ugly rock that Bennifer 1 had along with the baby rock that Bennifer 2 have. Also, I remember the outrageous diamond Carson Daly got Tara Reid. Does the size of the ring really determine how much the man loves the woman??? This makes me wonder if Ben buys big engagement rings to compensate for something that he feels is in adequate to him..... According to Michael Clarke Duncan, Ben is not well endowed..if you knwo what I mean. I will stop right here because I'm about to bring my mind to two places where I don't want to go. One being Ben's manhood and second is why the hell was MCD checking Ben out??? Brrr!!!!

3. As I stepped on the train this morning, the conductor didn't say the name of stops he or she merely breathed very deeply into the PA system.....creepy! Was that supposed to be some sign that I've just stopped onto the express train to Hell???
Either he/she was trying to scare us commuters or seduce us via PA.

4. Gaywatch! No, that is not a new show about gay lifeguards! It is the hilarious segment that is featured on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Basically, it keeps America up to date with all the gay politics going on. Jon clearly states how we pro-gay liberals are feeling towards the country and the world's discriminatory. I love this man!

5. Last night, I entered President Bush's fantasia! Otherwise known as the Texas Roadhouse restaurant! Although I didn't see any mullets there! Thank God! Loud depressing country music blared from the speakers while the floor was covered with hay and peanut shells. The food was ok, Jimmy's is far superior, the prices range from $8.99 to $29.99 and the service was mediocore. I guess being my New Englander self prevented me from fully enjoying the atmosphere. If you're into the whole cowboy theme then you'll enjoy this eatery.


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