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Sunday, April 24, 2005

...........I love the funny and Christian Finnegan.................

One of my great loves (other than the Sawx, writing, food and the entertainment industry in general) is laughing. Anyone that knows me can confirm that I love laughing and that my chuckle is in no way alluring. It is loud, reckless and has scared away wildlife (ok, it was only a gopher but it still ran off!) As cliche and over used as this may sound laughter is really the greatest medicine and you loose some calories in the process!

I really don't know how to explain my sense of humor. It's a little bit of everything, sarcastic, slapstick, dark, a bit dirty and stupid. So, as many of you may have already assumed, Comedy Central is my heaven on Earth and I honestly don't think that I could live without it! Quite frankly, I only watch a handful of shows on the beloved basic cable channel. My personal favorites are Comedy Central presents, Reno 911!, The Chappelle Show, Crank Yankers, and when I remember to The Daily Show, I love you Colbert! However, that doesn't mean that I solely watch CC to get my daily comedy fix. I also turn to TBS for reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. Unexpectedly, VH1 has turned into a musical version of Comedy Central. I'm pretty sure it began with the entertaining mini-series I Love the 80's. Since then, a handful of shows that have a similar format (with comedians and celebrities giving their commentary on basically everything surrounding celebrities) have been created and repeatedly shown on the network. One of them being Best Week Ever which is a show that reviews major events in American popular culture with a comedic twist. Various panelists drop by and give their perspective but my favorite are the core panelists who are primarily up and coming comedians and a handful of celebrities.

Christina Finnegan happens to be one of the core panelists and he is one my favorites. I will admit, after finding out that he is a fellow New Englander like myself, he was promoted to the comedians I like to those that I truly love. He is smart, hilarious, sarcastic and enjoys playing Trivial Pursuit like myself. I hope to one day to have a friendly face-off with him because I too am more of TP person than Monopoly. Also, I've been known to single handedly beat large teams with all the useless knowledge in my head. Finny (at least that's what I now call him since he sometimes refers to himself as that) also bears a slight resemblance to Mike Mizanin from Real World X: Back to New York. He did play a character named "Chad" in The Chappelle Show skit The Mad Real World. Yes, I will also admit that I find him a bit attractive, pale white men are one my weaknesses and I do love me some Conan O'Brien. I am fully aware that he is taken by the lovely Ms. Kambri Crews who also happens to be his publicist. That reminds of Samantha and Smith from Sex and the City, sans the major age gap. I don't know how some people work with the ones they love but I admire those who manage to, so kudos to Christian and Kambri! Every week I drop by Finny's site to read his blog "Tower of Hubris" and a hearty laugh always leaves my mouth when reading his amusing ramblings. I will end this entry by posting a picture of dear Finny and one of him with Ms. Kambri.

Here's him and Kambri, aren't they cute?


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