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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

........................Rude People SUCK!!!!!................................

Everyone has their favorite delivery or takeout place. For Chinese food, I dial up "Dragon In". Their portions are pretty generous. So, I eat half the meal and save the rest for the next day. I do this EVERY time I order from there. On Sunday, I ordered my usual, ate half and saved the rest for Monday. I awoke to find out that my food had been eaten. This wouldn't have been a big deal if food wasn't so scarce in my house. My older sister informed me that the man who was hired to redo the bathroom had eaten my food!

This asshole, has never met us before but opened our frigerator, took out the food and ATE it! My sister was shocked and a bit scared that she didn't say anything. He never once asked her if it was all right for him to even go into our frigerator. She called his boss and told him what happened. He actually had the never to be upset at HIS boss and said that he thought the food was his leftovers from yesterday!! What a fucking liar because what I ordered was ENTIRELY different from what he ordered! Then, he actually had the nerve to say to my sister that she shouldn't let me eat since I'm already too big, even though he's big himself! I can't believe that he actually tried to use this as his reasoning for eating food that he didn't pay for and that did not belong to him!

Rude people suck!


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