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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

.................Color blind.....................

So, I caught the last ten minutes of The Larry Elder Show and the topic was about interracial dating. There was a couple ( a white woman and a black man) and they spoke about their experiences with racism from society and their parents.

It disappoints me that some people are still living in the 50's when it comes to interracial dating, especially here in America. This country is made of immigrants and that is something that no one can deny. TheNative Americans were the first people to live on American soil, not the white man. So, no one and I mean NO ONE is a pure breed White American. A true American is someone who was born in this country or became a citizen through naturalization, not those who are simply Caucasian. And to those who refuse to believe this, you are incredibly ignorant and I feel sorry for you because you live in the same reality as Ms. Delusional. No sane person would want to be assosciated with her.

Why should anyone limit his/herself to dating their own race? Where is it written that your true love has to share the same color as you? I had a friend (who shall remain nameless) who didn't want to date out of her race because "I want my kids to look like me" That had to be one of the most ignorant and shallowest remarks that I have ever heard. My parents are the same race and I look nothing like them. Besides, bi-racial babies are beautiful! Look at Jessica Alba, Charisma Carpenter, Halle Berry, Michelle Branch, Lori Trespicio (From Real World: Back to New York) and Tyson Beckford.

I don't understand why some people say, "I don't believe in it", they don't have to believe in it, they have to learn to accept it. Eventually, EVERYONE in the world is going to be a mixed race. Last time I checked, bi-racial people are a part of society and society cannot function without people! And if the creator of humankind wanted everyone to be the same color or sexual orientation, then he or she would have done so. Thankfully, he/she didn't and they're probably pissed off that there is such a large group of angry hateful individuals that are constantly working to keep racism, prejudice and intolerance alive. You know what you biggots, YOU are the scum of mankind, not minorities or homosexuals, because you are promoting hate. And it is you who are too blinded by hate to see your own ignorance. For that, I pity you.

Personally, I dislike someone because of his/her personality (i.e. Affleck, Avril Lavigne, Omarosa and Paris) not because of his/her race. And no, I have not been jealous of anyone that I have disliked. When will people realize that we are ALL a part of the same race, the human race.


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