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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

.........Boston, please ban "The Affleck".........

Seriously, keep this curse out of Fenway and stop inviting him to the welcome home dinner! Everything is going so well, for the team and for the New England area in general. Why do we need a constant reminder of the one "Bostonian" whose career is almost non-existent??? And why the hell are you letting him film a movie in Boston? "Fever Pitch" is doing well let's not bring down the city with a FLOP film. "Good Will Hunting" was good because Matt Damon was involved. No Damon + 1 Affleck= One major FLOP! Affleck better watch out during filming because he may or may not be a victim of a driveby fruiting involving tomatoes or watermelons....I'm just saying.

I couldn't help but scowl whenever Affleck appeared on screen during the welcome home dinner for my dear Sawx. I think I screamed "Get off the fucking screen Affleck!" I need help, but then again, Ben needs to stop hanging around..he's like the guy that graduated high school but became a townie and drives around the school for awhile. Let's let the air out of his tires, shall we?

Couldn't they have gotten an actual comedian like Denis Leary, Mike O'Malley or Dane Cook to be on stage with Seth Meyers? Honestly....Affleck? I've seen him on SNL and frankly, he fucking sucks. Him and his long AVERAGE looking face! Let's be real people, fame and money make ugly and average people look Paris Hilton or Donald Trump.

Please Boston, I beg of you, keep "The Affleck" out of our beloved city!


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