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Thursday, December 22, 2005



Did I get under your skin?

Good, because that was my intention

Give up, you’re not going to win

Did you cry, out of frustration

It is just so damn amusing

How the tables have turned

And how you can’t handle losing

You’re the one that got burned

I pushed your buttons exactly right

This revenge is just so satisfying

I’m not done with this fight

Don’t worry, I won’t stop defying

I’ll keep on flipping your switch

And enjoy how much I anger you

You two-faced, lying, uptight bitch

After what you put us through

You’re lucky that you’re still here

Going off on your power trip

Believe me, I’m your worst fear

There’s enough of you left to rip

They will soon see your evil ways

Soon they’ll all uncover

That you’re just a dirty stray

And that you’re a pathetic muthafucker

Yes, that's right folks, suga has some spice and can write like a sailor if she so pleases. This lovely poem was written about three years ago. I had been betrayed by a friend that had turned all Napleon and holier than thou the minute she was given just little bit too much power. Suddenly, the things that she used to take part in with myself and a few friends were deemed "inappropriate" and lower than she was. It did hurt to be stabbed in the back and lied to, especially since we used to be so friendly toward one another. Our bond wasn't exactly sisterly but we were close. As Nicole Ritchie would say, she was not a "Diamond", she sparkled like one but underneath it all, she was just fragile glass...not even strong enough to support herself.

I guess the reason why I took this little diddy out is because I was reminded of her recently while watching one of those lifetime movies. Her betrayal reminded me that power really is the world's most intoxicating drug. And that no matter how hard we try we will always run into people who are total junkies yet utter cowards.


  • grabs pen and paper

    Note to self:

    Never,ever get on Mrs. D's shit list!

    Great work, pure emotion, beautiful!

    By Blogger Goonie17, at 4:36 PM  

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